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I'm Ahren Shreeve, a session guitarist and teacher based in Boston, Massachusetts. Growing up in central Massachusetts, I took frequent lessons and would spend most of my time improvising. Now, improv is still one of my favorite parts of music.


I have played alongside Dwayne Haggins, Erika Van Pelt, The A-Beez, Los Elk, Juniper and others - including blues, funk, soul, RnB, and more styles. Through my work with these artists, I've been lucky to  perform at venues including "Keeping the Blues Alive" - a blues cruise hosted by Joe Bonamassa, Hampton Casino Ballroom, and The Sinclair.


At about 15 years old, I began uploading guitar videos on Instagram to keep a personal archive of my progress as well as create a new resource for my career. Since then, I have accumulated a substantial log of my favorite moments playing guitar. I'm very grateful that this has also grown into a platform for me to connect with musicians and share inspiration. I'm excited to continue posting along the journey of my music career.

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